Who Should Exhibit

Who Should Exhibit

Speak Directly to Region Buyers, Coaches and Referees at a 2017 AYSO EXPO

Volunteers are exactly who will be attending the 2017 AYSO EXPOS. And buying doesn’t stop at the Region level. For effective operations of AYSO programs, Regions in close proximity combine to form Areas (AYSO has 100 Areas which host meetings, tournaments and events) and Areas combine to form Sections (AYSO has 13 Sections across the U.S. and the Caribbean). Events and activities are conducted at these levels as well! Members of Section, Area and Region Boards will all be in attendance, as well as grassroots level volunteers like parent coaches and parent referees.


Just Some of the Products AYSO Regions, Coaches, and Referees Will Buy in 2017:

  • • Fundraisers
  • • Field equipment (mowers, lining equipment, corner flags, goals, nets etc.)
  • • Banners
  • • Team and player photos
  • • Soccer balls, shoes and gear
  • • Sideline chairs, umbrellas and accessories
  • • Trophies
  • • Pins
  • • Patches
  • • Medals
  • • Promotional items
  • • Game tickets to pro and college soccer
  • • Printing
  • • Concession stand products
  • • Coaching equipment and gear
  • • Referee apparel and gear
  • • And so much more…




Article by: Jennifer O

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